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21.05.2012 - 10:07

Logos & other Embroideries – Problems & Solutions


1. Lettering and why automatic thread trimming should ideally be avoided.
2. Tips for the optimum stabilisation of piqué and knitted fabrics.
3. How effective colour grading creates the right look in embroidery and is not the ‘killer criteria’ to encourage printing.
4. Finer threads and different looks improve details.
5. Jazz up a design using metallic threads but no scratch.
6. Better results with finer needles and fewer changes in stitch density.
7. Optimising embroidery using finer thread thicknesses with minimal alterations
to the design.
8. Customers only consider shiny threads? Frosted Matt creates additional depth of perspective and contour definition. A sophisticated look, without the high shine!

Brief and concise practical solutions to these frequently arising issues, compiled by Bonnie Nielsen using
the ‘Live Brand’ logo.


Downlod as PDF

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