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29.10.2010 - 13:44

An absolute must - MFS from MADEIRA's AFS range

This is an affordable frame, used in industrial applications and specifically engineered for Brother PR machines.

The frame looks like this:
A standard square embroidery industry frame and a two part removable frame to hold and fix the position of individual E-ZEE PreFrames.

Badges or name patches can now be made on the E-ZEE-PreFrames, fully embroidered or, if the logo has to be customized, it can be left in the E-ZEE-PreFrame and embroidered with an individual name afterwards.

Everything is embroidered in advance, apart from the satin stitch border, which will be the fixing stitches for the badge onto the garment.

By working in a specifically defined area, the precise registration placements are simple to find.

With the same frame, you can produce the embroidery in advance and rework an individually customized badge in a second step on a finished item.

Additional cutting work is not necessary, just like with the large AFS (Automatic Frame System).

AFS - an affordable investment for a sound solution!

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