MADEIRA is a global player in the embroidery threads industry and the global NUMBER ONE.

This status could only be achieved by our commitment to the BEST BUSINESS ETHICS and the continuous improvement in every part of our business

MADEIRA treats her partners in the way MADEIRA would like to be treated by them. This is with fairness, integrity and mutual respect.

MADEIRA treats everybody equally, regardless of nationality, race, sex and religion. MADEIRA will never use any child labor. MADEIRA will not employ any person below the age of 16 years. MADEIRA will never use any forced labor, neither prison, indentured, bonded nor otherwise.

No employee of MADEIRA has to work for more than 45 hours per week. For overtime, public bank holidays, holidays, etc. MADEIRA will at least meet the legally mandated regulations in the respective countries.

MADEIRA compensates the employees with at least the minimum wages and does not deduct pay for any disciplinary infractions from employees.

MADEIRA grants pregnancy or sick leave even it is not required by the respective countries laws. For all the other benefits, MADEIRA provides at least all those benefits which are legally mandated in the respective country.

MADEIRA complies with the highest standards of safety and health regulations to protect her employees.

Production: MADEIRA's production processes are completely environmentally friendly.

Product: The products of MADEIRA are in accordance with the highest possible safety regulations and are certified as completely safe for humans

Recycling: Whenever it is possible, whether it is required by law or not, MADEIRA will recycle all goods she produces in an environmentally friendly way.